What is Computer and Type Of Computer ?

Hi ! Hope you all know that Computer is one off the most important and usefull machine in human history. Lets learn about how is a computer different from a human being.

A computer is a machine or device that perform process, calculation and operation based on instructions provided by a Software or Hardware program.

What is Computer ?

The word computer has come from the word Compute which means to Calculate.
A computer is an electronic machine which is different kinds of work.
A computer work very fast. It solves difficult task in seconds.
A computer can execute many Function at the Same time. We can listen to music , play games, draw pictures, check spelling, do calculate etc., On a computer .
It can Store a lot of data and information.
A computer has four main tasks to do , which helps to perform the following functions:

Computer Short Definition

A computer is an electronic machine, which can execute many functions quickly and accurately.
A Computer has Four Main task to do: Input, Processing, output and Storage.
Computer never makes mistakes.
  • It accepts the data given by the user. (Input)
  • It works on data according to given instructions. (Processing)
  • It given the desired results. (Output)
  • It store the results. (Storage)

Full Form Of Computer

Computer is a machine, and Computer Full form given below;:
Common, Operating, Machine particularly , Used for Technology education and Research.
C- Commanly
O- Operator
M- Machine
P- Particularly
U- Used for
T- Technology
E- Education and
R- Research

Who Make Computer (Father of computer) ? 

However in 1910 Henry babbage, Charls babbage,s Youngest son was able to complete a Portion of the Machine that Could performance Basic Calculation

Types of a Computer

Computers vary in shapes and size. Different types of computers are used to do various kinds of work. Let us study more about some of them.


This is a desktop computer.
Desktop computers are big in size. They are kept on the desk . They are fixed at one place and cannot e taken here and there . They are also called as personal computer or PC


This is a laptop. It is small in size and can  be kept on our lap . A laptop computer can be carried around easily.
It works on a battery just like a mobile phone. Notebook computer is another ne for laptop.

3.Palmtop Computer

This is a palmtop computer.
It is smaller than a laptop computer
And fits in our palm easily.

Conclusions- In the Article We telling you About Computer, Computer Full form, Who Building Computer, and Type of Computer, If the article helpful for your Keep Support and comment your New thinks and idea. And Thank you for Reading.

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