What is Olympic movement Describe

Menton the start and end of ancient olympic game.

The organic of ancient olympic game's is belong to Greece.
The record says that the first historic mentioning of games occurred in the year 776 BC . These games were played in the state of Athens near the valley of appheur river at olympic.


List The main functions of (IOA).

The main feature of IOA are :-

  • To encourage and support the organisation development and co-ordination of sports and sports competition.
  • To ensure the regular celebration of the olympic game's.
  • To take action in order to strengthen the unity and to protect the independence of the Olympic movement.
  • To act against any form of discrimination affecting the olympic movement's.
  • To lead the fight against doping in sport's.

Mention the sport award recognised by indian government.

The sport award recognised by indian government.

[A] Arjuna award.

It was firstly interroduced in the year 1961.
This award is give to the sport's personality who excels in games and sport's for three consecutive year's and have also shown qualities of leadership, sport's manshik and sense of decipline.

[B] Dronacharya Award.

This award is given to honour those coaches who have successfully trained sports persons or team and enabled them to achieve outstanding result in international competition . This ancient award was started in the year 1985 . It is given to coach for their hard work to produce top level sportsperson..

[C] Rajiv gandhi khel Ratna.

It is the hight sports award given to a sport person who has achieved the height of skills in game's and sports at international level competition's.

[D] Dhyanchand Award.

This award was instituted in year 2002 . This award is given for lifetime achievement in games  or sports to honour those sport's persons who have contributes to sports by their performance and continue to contribute to promote sports even after their retirement for active sporting career.

The objectives of of CBSE games.

The objective of CBSE games are:-

  • To organise inter school tournament and competition in the game and sports recognised by CBSE.
  • TO encourage sports manship and to promote friendly relations among the school.
  • To encourage such other activities as may be conductive  to the aims as emvmerated.

Explain Chacha  Nehru sports  Award .

There are fifty scholarships each year at the rate of ₹500 /- month to all identified sports talents based  on performance at national level in various discipline of  CBSE inter school sports and game this scholarship will be provided to bonaficle students upto class xii.

Give the working of IOC.

The working of IOA are ad following:-

  • To encourage and support the organisation development and co-ordination of sport and sports competitions.
  • To ensure the regular celebration of the olympic games.
  • To make action in order to strengthen the unity and to protect the independence of the olympic movement.
  • To act against any form of discrimination affecting the olympic movement.
  • To encourage and support measures protecting the health of athlete's.
  • To encourage and support the development of sports for all.

How are CBSE games constructed.

CBSE is the biggest organisation in india to provide quality education through its affiliated school . The CBSE games are divided into three phrases.
The first phase of the game is known as cluster level hamara where the terms from one particular cluster level compete directly st nationals to show their supremacy.
Tournament are organised at cluster, zonal and national level as decided by the CBSE sports committee from time to time wherever applicable.

The organisational set-up of CBSE games.

(a) for ensuring the smooth and efficient conduct inter-school sports and games activities organised under the general directions of the education and in conformity with it's policies.

(B) The headquarters of the sport committee shall be central board of secondary education , delhi.

(C) The chairman , CBSE shall be chair man in the games and sports recognised by the CBSE.

Higlight the main features of modern Olympic games.

The main features of modern olympic games are:-

Olympic flag.

Olympic flag was design on the suggestion of coubertin's in 1913 But is was firstly frown to olympic game in 1920 at antwerpen olympic games. It con dost of five different coloured rings on the white background which are entertained to each other.

 Olympic torch.

First time on olympic flage was ceremoniously lighted in 1928 at amsterdam Olympics. This olympic torch symbolised the continuity between the ancient and modern olympic games.

Olympic moto.

The olympic moto is "cituis" , altius and fortius which means to perform for the fastest heighest and strongest competition.

Olympic prise.

In ancient games the winner are awarded with olive crown but in modern olympic they are rewarded with meddle and certificate . The first position receives the gold medal and second position receives the 'silver medal 'and the third position receives the bronze medal.

Olympic oath.

Olympic oath is taken by the athlete of the host country .He holds the corner of the flag on behalf of all competitors.

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