Define physical education explain the aim of physical education.

 Define physical education.

Education to develop in him such personal and social qualities that help him to live happy with other and build him into good citizenship.

Physical education is the field of education in which  the person have develop the personal and social qualities that help to leave a happy life to other and the person in the good citizenship.

 What is the aim and objectives of physical education.

  • Aim of physical education

The aim of physical education is to make every child physically mentally and constitutionally fit. To develop in him such personal and social qualities that help him to live happily with other and build him into a good citizn.

  • objectives of physical education.

Se told earlier aim is the often ultimate goal to be achieved after the aim is one , but to attain it there may be many objectives and they may change from time to time . The objectivies of physical education are:-

  • Intrested in physical or sport field, ability, development in the leader ability, development in the organisation ability etc.

What is the options available for career in physical education.

The options available for career in physical education ko area as follows:-

  • As a teacher of physical education.

For choosing this as a career, one must be will qualified with certified degree or diploma in physical education from a recognised university.

  • As a Coach
For this as a career one must have a certified diploma from NIS (National institute of sport) in a game or sport. He must have good experience of playing and participating in the game.

  • As a physical trainer instructor.

To choose this as a career one must possess certified after 12th class and good physical fitness abilities.

  • As a fitness trainer

To choose this is a profession of the person must be very fit and healthy. He should have the experience about the need of the group team etc. To give fitness schedule.

  • As a specialist or official of game.

As a good player can easily become a specialist of the game. This is upcoming profession.

Short note on khelo india program.

The main purpose started to khelo india program in india for new generation a good type of fitness and some talent participated on highly level compitition and gave me scolor ship and checks for there sure and kit sport in on  extremely important components for the organisation on, india is the last few year has made a good results in the field of sport so that program was very success for some new sport youngsters  players sports person.

Give two objective of khelo india program.

The main reason to start by the government of india of khelo india program the important of sport and fitness in once life is invaluable to growth for New sport player a fit and healthy individual leagues to an equally strong and healthy society.

Full form of (IOA).

(IOA) international olympic association.

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