Karwa Chauth 2019 | करवा चौथ उपाय 2019

karwa chauth 2019

Karwa Chauth Is A Major Festival Of Hindus. It Is The Festival Of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh And Rajasthan In India. It Is Celebrated On The Chaturthi Of Krishna Paksha Of Kartik Month. This Festival Is Celebrated By The Women Of Saubhagyavati (Suhagin). This Fast Commences Before Sunrise In The Morning After About 6 O'clock And Is Complete After The Moon Sighting At Night.

karwa chauth
karwa chauth

All The Women, From Rural Women To Modern Women, Observe The Fast Of Karwa chauth With Great Reverence And Enthusiasm. According To The Scriptures, This Fast Should Be Observed On The Day Of The Lunar Month Of Krishna Paksha Of Kartik Month. Bhalchandra Ganesh Ji Is Offered On This Day To Attain The Longevity Of The Husband And Unbroken Good Fortune. In Karva Chauth Also, Like Sankashtiganesh Chaturthi, There Is A Law To Keep Fast Throughout The Day And To Eat Only After Giving Arghya To The Moon At Night. In The Present Time, Most Women Celebrate Karvachauth Vratotsav According To The Custom Prevalent In Their Family, But Most Of The Women Remain Unharmed And Wait For The Moonrise.

Kartik Is The Law Of Fasting Karkachaturthi (Karwa-Chauth) On The Chaturthi Of Krishna Paksha. The Specialty Of This Fast Is That Only Fortunate Women Have The Right To Observe This Fast. A Woman Should Be Of Any Age, Caste, Varna, Sect, Everyone Has The Right To Observe This Fast. Those Lucky Women (Suhagin) Who Wish Their Husband's Age, Health And Good Luck, Keep This Fast.

This Fast Is Observed Every Year For 12 Years Or Continuously For 16 Years. After The Completion Of The Period, This Fast Is Recited. Suhagin Women Who Want To Keep Their Life Can Perform This Fast Throughout Their Life. There Is No Other Fortunate Fast Like This Fast. Therefore, Suhagin Women Should Follow This Fast For The Protection Of Their Suhag.

Although There Is A Temple Of Chauth Mata Ji Located In The Country Of India, But The Oldest And Most Famous Temple Is Located In The Village Of Chauth Of Barwada In Sawai Madhopur District Of Rajasthan State. The Name Of This Village Changed From Barwada To Chauth's Barwada In The Name Of Chauth Mata. The Chauth Mata Temple Was Founded By Maharaja Bhim Singh Chauhan.

karwa chauth
karwa chauth

Method Of Vrat

Chandrodaya Vyapini Chaturthi Of Kartik Krishna Paksha, That Is, On The Night Of The Chaturthi In Which The Moon Is About To Be Seen, Take A Bath In The Morning On That Day, Taking The Resolution Of The Age, Health And Good Fortune Of Your Suhag (Husband) And Remain Healthy Throughout The Day. Know How It Started. How To Worship And Complete The Fast [1].

The Worship

On That Day Worship Lord Shiva-Parwati, Swami Kartikeya, Ganesh And Moon. To Worship, Make An Altar Of Sand Or White Clay And Install All The Gods Mentioned Above.


Bake Flour In Pure Ghee And Mix Sugar Or Khand In It And Make Modak (Laddu) For Naivedya.

Got It Done

Mixed Sugar Syrup In Black Soil And Made With Copper Made From That Soil Or Made Of Copper. 


Keep 10 Or 13 karwases According To Your Ability.

Kartik Is The Law Of Fasting Karkachaturthi (Karwa Chauth) On The Chaturthi Of Krishna Paksha. The Specialty Of This Fast Is That Only Fortunate Women Have The Right To Observe This Fast. A Woman Should Be Of Any Age, Caste, Varna, Sect, Everyone Has The Right To Observe This Fast. Those Lucky Women (Suhagin) Who Wish Their Husband's Age, Health And Good Luck, Keep This Fast.

Worship Method

Establish Shiva-Parwati, Swami Karthikeya, Ganesh And Moon On The Altar Of Sand Or White Clay. In The Absence Of The Idol, Tie A Pulse On Betel Nut And Install It In The Spirit Of The Deity. After That Worship The Gods As Much As Possible.

Say The Following Mantra For Worship

Worship Parwati From 'Om Shivaai Namah', Shiva From 'Om Namah Shivaya', Swami Kartikeya From 'Shanmukhaya Namah', Ganesha From 'Om Ganeshaya Namah' And Moon From 'Om Somay Namah'.

Offer Naivedya By Placing Laddus In The Pan. Offer A Lota, A Robe, And A Special Karva As Dakshina And Conclude The Worship. Read Or Listen To The Story Of Karwa Chauth Fast.

After The Moon Rises In The Evening, Worship The Moon And Offer Arghya. After This, Provide Food To The Brahmin, Suhagin Women And Husband's Parents. After Meals, Give Dakshina To Brahmins As Soon As Possible.

Take Blessings By Offering A Lota, Clothes And Special Special Offerings To The Husband's Mother (Ie Your Mother-In-Law) As Mentioned Above. If They Are Not Alive Then Offer Another Woman Like Them. After This, Self And Other Family Members Should Have Food.

The Story

First Story

A Long Time Ago, A Moneylender Had Seven Sons And A Sister, Karva. All The Seven Brothers Loved Their Sister Very Much. Even They Used To Feed Him First And Then Eat It Themselves. Once His Sister Was Visiting Her In-Laws From Her In-Laws.

In The Evening, When His Brother Came Home After Closing His Business, He Saw That His Sister Was Very Distraught. All The Brothers Sat Down To Eat And Urged Their Sister To Eat It, But The Sister Told That Today She Has A Waterless Fast Of Karwa Chauth And That She Can Eat Only By Looking At The Moon And Offering It To Her. Since The Moon Has Not Yet Come Out, She Has Become Distraught With Hunger And Thirst.

The Youngest Brother Does Not See The Condition Of His Sister And He Burns A Lamp On A Peepal Tree And Puts It In A Sieve. Looking At It From A Distance, It Appears As If The Moon Of Chaturthi Is Rising.

After This, The Brother Tells His Sister That The Moon Has Come Out, You Can Have Food After Offering It To Him. Sister Happily Climbs The Stairs And Sees The Moon, Offers Her An Arrogance And Sits Down To Eat.

When She Puts The First Piece In The Mouth, She Sneezes. When The Second Piece Is Inserted, Hair Comes Out In It And As Soon As It Tries To Put The Third Piece In The Mouth, She Gets The News Of Her Husband's Death. She Gets Scared.

Her Sister-In-Law Informs Her Of The Truth As To Why This Happened To Her. Devta Is Angry With Him For Doing Wrongly Breaking Karwa Chauth And He Has Done So.

After Getting To Know The Truth, Karva Decides That She Will Not Allow Her Husband To Be Cremated And Will Be Able To Resurrect Her By Her Persistence. She Sits Near Her Husband's Body For A Whole Year. Looks After Him She Collects The Dull Grass That Grows On Her.

After A Year, The Day Of Karwa Chauth Comes Again. All Her Sisters Keep Fast Of Karwa Chauth. When Sisters-In-Law Come To Seek Her Blessings, She Urges Each Sister-In-Law To 'Take Yama Sui, Give It To Me, Make Me Your Own Suhagin', But Each Time The Sister-In-Law Tells Her To Ask The Next Sister-In-Law. Is.

In This Way, When The Sister-In-Law Of The Sixth Number Comes, Karva Repeats The Same Thing To Her. This Sister-In-Law Tells Her That Since Her Fast Was Broken Because Of The Youngest Brother, Her Wife Only Has The Power To Resurrect Your Husband, So When She Comes, You Can Hold Her Until She Comes To Your Husband. Don't Make Him Alive, Don't Leave Him. Having Said That She Leaves.

Lastly Comes The Younger Sister-In-Law. Karva Urges Them To Become Suhagin Too, But She Starts To Avoid. Seeing This, She Is Caught By Him And Asks Him To Bring His Suhaag Alive. Sister-In-Law Notices Her To Get Rid Of Her, Scolds, But Does Not Stop.

Finally, Seeing Her Austerity, The Sister-In-Law Exhales And Rips Her Little Finger And Puts The Nectar Out Of It In Her Husband's Mouth. Karva's Husband Immediately Wakes Up Saying Shree Ganesh-Shriganesh. In This Way, Karva Gets Her Honeymoon Back Through Her Younger Sister-In-Law. O Shri Ganesha Maa Gauri, The Way Karva Has Received The Gift Of Suhagan To You, So All The Suhaginas Should Get It.

Second Story.

The Essence Of This Story Is That The Married Daughter Of Shakaprasthapur Vedadharma Brahmin, Veeravati, Observed The Fast Of Karwa Chauth. According To The Rules, She Had To Eat After Moonrise, But She Did Not Get Hungry And Got Upset. The Distraction Of Her Sister From Her Brothers Was Not Seen And She Spread A Beautiful Light Of Fireworks Under The Cover Of Peepal And Showed The Moon And Made Veeravati A Meal.

The Result Was That Her Husband Immediately Disappeared. The Impatient Veeravati Fasted Every Chaturthi For Twelve Months And Her Husband Was Recaptured By Her Penance On The Day Of Karwa Chauth.

Third Story

Once Upon A Time, A Married Woman Named Karva Lived With Her Husband In A Village By The River. One Day Her Husband Went To Bathe In The River. While Bathing, A Manger Held Her Leg There. The Man Started Calling His Wife By Saying Karva Karva Karva Karva.

Hearing His Voice, His Wife Karwa Ran Away And Came And Tied The Manger With Raw Thread. Tied The Manger But Reached Yamraj And Started Saying To Yamraj - O God! But My Husband Has Caught My Leg. In The Guilt Of Taking That Leg, You Take It To Hell With Your Force.

Yamraj Said - Yet The Age Of The Manger Remains, So I Cannot Kill Him. Asked To Do This, If You Do Not Do This, I Will Curse You And Destroy You. Hearing This, Yamaraja Got Scared And Came With That Husbandry Karva And Sent Magar To Yampuri And Gave Longevity To Karva's Husband. Hey Mother! Protect Your Husbands As You Protected Your Husband.

Fourth Story

Once, Pandu's Son Arjuna Went To A Mountain Called Nilgiri To Do Penance. Draupadi Was Very Upset Here. On Not Receiving Any News From Him, He Meditated On Lord Krishna And Expressed His Concern. Lord Krishna Said- Bahna, A Similar Question Was Once Asked By Goddess Parwati To Shankar.

After Worshiping The Moon, Food Is Taken By Offering It To The Moon. Karve Of Gold, Silver Or Clay Are Exchanged Among Themselves, Which Enhances Mutual Love. After Worshiping, Women Salute Their Father-In-Law And Elders And Take Their Blessings.

Then Shankarji Told Mata Parwati The Fast Of Karwa Chauth. By Observing This Fast, Women Can Protect Their Honeybees From Every Impending Crisis In The Same Way That A Brahmin Did. A Brahmin In Ancient Times.

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