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Be Safe Making UPI Payment, Scamer emptying your bank account in two minutes Know Details

uPI payment has made the life of users much easier. Now users are using UPI even for small shopping. Users are liking this method of digital payment a lot.

On the other hand, cyber criminals have made it a new weapon of fraud. Cases of fraud due to UPI payment are coming to light every day. In these scams, fraudsters are luring users into their net and emptying their bank accounts.

To avoid UPI payment scams, it is important to know what tricks cyber criminals are adopting these days. That is why today we are telling you about different types of UPI scams, so that you can keep yourself safe.

fake bill scam

Users making UPI payments need to be very careful about fake bill scams. To trap users in this scam, fraudsters contact them and tell them about unpaid bills. Even if users say that they have paid the bill, these scammers convince the users that the bill payment has failed. After this, users are asked to use a fake UPI app to conduct the transaction again.

Don’t Pay Money Without Clearly Check

In some UPI scams, cyber criminals ask users to make UPI payment instead of cash. To make the users believe this, these fraudsters also show the cash kept with them. Users are unable to recognize the fraud happening with them and make UPI payment on the given number. Later the users come to know that the notes given to them by cyber criminals are fake.

Avoid investment schemes

Fraudsters are also resorting to fake investment schemes to trap users in UPI scam. In this, users are asked to invest their money and within a short time their money will double. Seeing high profits in exchange of low investment, users easily fall into the clutches of fraudsters. If someone tells you about such a scheme, then you need to be alert immediately.

Don’t Click Virus links and face customer support

Hackers are also designing fake UPI apps and websites that look like real ones to trap users. The link of these fake UPI apps is sent to the user in email or message, so that the user uses his UPI PIN to use it.

In some cases, cyber criminals also send send money requests to users. In this, these hackers claim that they are providing technical support in UPI payment to a friend or family member of the user. After luring the users, these hackers make them install some apps on their phones and take complete control of the device.

Avoid this

The only way to avoid UPI payment fraud is to keep yourself alert. Do not share your UPI PIN, password or OTP with anyone. Also, do not enter your UPI or banking details on the link given on any unknown website. Also, never accept money requests from people you do not know. Let us tell you that to keep users safe from such scams, NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) is also running ‘Gyan Se, Dhyan Se’ campaign

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