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How drinking alcohol does not cause harm, drinkers must know this?

Liquor: Everyone knows that drinking alcohol is harmful for health, yet people consume it. For those who first start drinking as a hobby, it later becomes a habit. Despite knowing the disadvantages of drinking alcohol, they are unable to give it up. On the other hand, if alcohol is consumed properly, its side effects can be reduced.

Alcohol is not good for health and we all know about the harm it causes but still it has become a part of the lifestyle of most of the people across the world. On many occasions like wedding, party, dinner and night out People’s consumption of alcohol is increasing rapidly. Although it is not right to drink alcohol, but if you are drinking then try to minimize the harm to your health. We will tell you in what ways and limits you can reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

How alcohol affects the heart and mind

When we drink the first sip of alcohol, it first reaches the stomach. If we have eaten something just before drinking alcohol, the stomach is already busy breaking down that food in the process of digestion. The result is that alcohol is not absorbed rapidly into the body.

This is the effect of alcohol on empty stomach and full stomach.

The stomach absorbs alcohol but at a slower rate than the small intestine, so if we have not eaten anything the alcohol passes through the stomach to the small intestine faster and gets into the bloodstream more quickly. . After mixing in the blood, alcohol reaches the heart and brain, which quickly causes intoxication.

If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, it does not take much time to reach the small intestine and you become intoxicated rapidly. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach increases the effect of alcohol. It gets absorbed quickly and also causes intoxication quickly. Therefore, consuming alcohol before eating has a different effect.

At the same time, food acts as a protective wall in front of alcohol, which slows down the absorption of alcohol in the small intestine. By delaying the absorption process, food effectively reduces the rapid accumulation of alcohol in the blood. This means that if you eat food before drinking alcohol, you will not get intoxicated immediately.

Balance between alcohol and food is important

Along with understanding the effect of food on alcohol absorption, it is equally important to maintain balance. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can cause intoxication faster, while eating food before drinking alcohol can slow down its effects.

If you can maintain a balance between food and alcohol, you will be able to drink properly.But if you want to follow the advice of health experts, then before drinking, eat light meals rich in carbohydrates and proteins and light snacks along with alcohol, this method will also help you avoid hangover the next day.

Alcohol drinking limit for men and women

An important question regarding the effects of drinking alcohol on health is what is the limit of drinking alcohol? This drink limit (Alcohol Drinking Limit) has been decided on the basis of different studies. There is a limit of two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women.

After different calculations, it is believed that one drink or one peg contains approximately 14 grams of alcohol. A small bottle of beer of approximately 340 ml, containing 5% alcohol, can be considered as one drink.

What are the benefits of drinking alcohol?

A glass of about 140 ml of wine with 12 percent alcohol and a glass of about 40 ml of hard liquor (Rum Whiskey) with 40 percent alcohol can also be considered as one drink. This study has been done on the basis of people’s average daily dose of alcohol. It is still a matter of debate how drinking less alcohol benefits health. This means that the benefit will be available to those who drink small amounts of alcohol every day or to those who drink it 3-4 days a week instead of increasing the amount of alcohol a little and drinking every day.

These people are considered heavy drinkers

There is a long list of side effects of drinking excessive alcohol. People who consume excessive amounts of alcohol have to face problems like road accidents and fights, apart from fatal diseases like different types of cancer, high blood pressure and cirrhosis. According to experts, men who consume more than 4 drinks in a day and 14 drinks in a week and women who consume more than 3 drinks in a day and 7 drinks in a week fall in the category of drunkards.

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