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Itching Skin in Winter season: Know what is the reason?

You too must have experienced itching at some point in your life. And in winter the itching usually increases a bit more. Itching starts troubling you if you do not wear warm clothes.

Itching Skin in Winter season

But have you wondered why itching occurs in winter? There are many reasons for this happening. Recently scientists have discovered the answer. Research published in the medical journal Cell has found a connection between the bacteria associated with eczema and the enzymes that cause itching.

Research has shown that itching does not happen just like that, but the main reason for its occurrence is bacteria.

Actually, eczema is a skin related disease. In this, some patches are formed on our skin in which there is swelling along with redness and itching is also experienced continuously. This itching occurs at any time and this problem keeps increasing.

Itching is caused by bacteria

Scientists have found that S. aureus attaches an enzyme called V8 protein to the skin, which helps activate the neurons that cause itch. He has published the results of this research in the journal Cell in November.

This S. Aureus is also a major cause of eczema. These are a type of bacteria which invade the skin layer and cause many skin diseases. Although it is not the main cause of itching on the skin, it plays a major role in causing itching.

What is eczema disease?

Eczema is a skin disease. In this the skin becomes dry and itchy. Skin becomes itchy and red rashes start appearing. This disease weakens the function of skin barriers. Due to this the skin starts itching. Eczema is considered a type of dermatitis disease. Eczema can also occur due to allergies, genetic reasons and overactive immune system.

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